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The Beginning

As with most paranormal groups ours started with watching the Ghost Hunter show when it first started 11 years ago.
We all met and became members of one of the first paranormal groups in Arkansas.  We then started our all female group in 2008.  What happens in 10 years of investigating?  Everyone goes through a transformation of some kind, seeking the truth, trying to figure out why they're so fascinated with the afterlife.  For me it was a more spiritual transformation, for I know that mixed in with the ghosts, shadow people and the darker side of the paranormal, you have the light. Spirits that are not "ghosts" but visitors, I recorded a spirit that once said, "they come and go." It has nothing to do with a haunting and everything to do with our loved ones, friends and spirits that are here to help us. So you have two entirely aspects of paranormal investigating, the "ghosts" that choose to stay and not move on and the spiritual "helpers" that could be anyone connected to you, group members, the location or owners.

AGC is dedicated to using all forms of technology to try and communicate with the spirit world.  Recording and
documenting spirit voices is one of the most important  parts of visiting a location.  Names spoken of loved ones, past owners or someone that has a historical connection, can verify that the location is being visited.   In some cases, communication is not
as important as cleansing and protecting the living.

I will touch lightly on this subject because of a recent incident that happened to me in NYC.  The darker  side of the paranormal
world is perhaps the most terrorizing  experience a human can have. Compassion has a deeper meaning to me now for those who  have had these type of experiences.

Remember, education and common sense should be a top priority for anyone interested in the paranormal or having
paranormal experiences in their life.


Rhonda & Donnie

loving memory

Rhonda & Donnie

Darrin W. Owens, Supernaturalist,
Clairvoyant & Best Selling Author

Darrrin Owens

Heather, Trisha, Cathy, Rhonda & Robbye
Rhonda, Cathy & Linda

Rhonda, Linda & Cathy

Rhonda, Robbye, Linda, Cathy,
Stephanie & Trisha

Rhonda, Debbie & Val

Debbie, Rhonda & Valerie

Ghost were people too

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