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The Proof Is Out There

You feel or see your first ghostly presence, capture your first EVP, photograph or video and it makes you realize there's more to the world around us than just the one we live in.  That's when  the journey begins and it's different for every person.  One aspect of  doing research and investigating is the possibility that our friends and loved ones who have crossed will come through on our evidence.
Listed below is some of our "proof" that helps us believe that ghosts/spirits do exist .

Spiritual Side of Communicating

 by Rhonda Burton

My spiritual evp research started after reading Sarah Estep's, Voices of Eternity. 
 I then joined the AAEVP which later became the Association of Trans Communication.  This research was to try and confirm that the soul's personality survived after death.  I learned much from the members and directors of this association, for which I'm forever grateful.

The evp below is from my daughter, Jen, who passed in 2007.  The Christmas after she died I was trying to decide on making her an angel or halo Christmas ornament. That night when I recorded she spoke the words, "mommy, I'm an angel." 

When I do my sessions I ask if there is any spirits who would like to communicate.
 I never ask for names unless we're on location and are specifically trying to communicate with someone.

Audio Icon "Mommy, I'm an angel."

The following  evp's were recorded on a super moon night at home and was amazing.  You will hear  my daughter Heather and myself asking questions and responding to spirits, I was using the SB7.(Spirit Box 7)

Audio Icon "I love you" Audio Icon
 " I do" Audio Icon  "I'm Edward" Audio Icon "What's up Heather"


Calling Earth by Dan Drasin

Documentary about communication with the deceased through
modern technology.   This is a very informative video and  worth watching.

Calling Earth


ITC Water Video

Experimenting with different techniques is part of learning to communicate
with spirit.  One of my favorite methods was created by Margaret Downey and it's a form of ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication).  
This method is time consuming, but can be
very rewarding.  The technique is using a pan or bowl of water, video camera/camera and a flashlight.  You shine the light to the side of the bowl and stir the water with your finger causing a ripple effect, then ask spirit to show themselves.  Record no longer than 30 seconds, upload video and review frame by frame. You will be viewing 30 frames per second and spirit will show up in one frame, if they choose.  You can also use a camera shooting continuous shots. I captured the images below at different locations.

1.Woman in Black  2. Eagle Head 3. Female, face in hands, leaning on elbows. 

ITC Woman in Black Curran Hall   ITC Bird or Eagle  ITC Young Girl Face in Hands 

ITC Several faces in same frame

Series of faces in one frame, male face, dog, woman with child or animal, a man wearing a hat.


Historic Homes & Buildings


Old State House Museum
Est. 1833

Old State House Museum

Old State House Museum is one of the most beautiful historical locations
we've investigated. You can feel the caring and love that the employees have for
this building.  Very positive and a wonderful experience for us.

History Timeline:  1833-1859 -Capitol for a New State
1860-1865 - Secession & Civil War

1865-1874 - Reconstruction & the Brooks-Baxter War
1875 - 1911 -  Renovation & a New Capitol
1911 - 1935 - Medical School & the Crossett Experiment
1936 - 1990 - Preserving & Extending Arkansas History
1991 - Present - Launching a Presidency, Repairs, Towards the Future

Reported activity by visitors and employees:  Feeling of being watched, lights coming on and off, piano and harp playing by itself, giggling, woman in white, being touched, voices, sigh's, whispering, footsteps, woman in period clothing sitting on couch in period rooms, man in military uniform, heaviness feeling, case drawer opened by itself, tobacco smell,  knocking, shadow person, children's voices and doors opening.

Investigation #1 - 10.29.2020  - Investigators  - Rhonda, Heather & Trisha
Was given a tour of the museum and locations of the experiences people had which was very informative. Did EVP sessions in all rooms. Rhonda heard a woman giggling from the balcony in the 1836 Room below. Energy great, was a wonderful experience.

Click on picture below to watch YouTube video of the evp's captured that night.

Arkansas Ghost Catchers

Investigation #2 - 11.5.2020 - Investigators - Rhonda, Trisha, Linda,  Cheryl, Christie, Jessica, Jeri and Donna
Was given another tour for AGC team.  Investigation was evp sessions in certain rooms that were active on first investigation . Cheryl used the connect system to try and locate spirits, Linda used dowsing rods in the 1836 Room. The other ladies were taking video and photos. Cheryl is a medium which always makes the investigation a little more exciting when she starts receiving messages.
Energy a little different but still positive, was a great investigation!

Click on picture below to watch YouTube video of the evp's captured that night.

rkansas Ghost Catchers Old State House Museum

Check out OSHM website for the detailed history and exhibits!


The Hanger House

   The Hanger House   The Hanger House Little Rock, AR 
Circa 1889

History:  Frederick & Frances Hanger created this beautiful, American Queen Anne style home after remodeling an older structure dating to the late 1860's.  The Hanger home stayed in the family for 4 generations and was listed on the National History Register in 1974.  The current owners have original furniture and items owned by the Hangers, given to them by Hanger family members.  They also love this beautiful home, spirits included.

  Activity:  The current owners saw Mrs. Hanger on the first day as they were moving in.  She has appeared in a misty form and as a full bodied apparition standing on the stairs.  The owner told us, "she makes her presence known in a gentle and comforting nature. She is ever present and would absolutely never miss a party."

Evidence:  First visit to the Hanger House.  Owner was trying to find a photograph of the grandson of Mrs. Hanger. You will hear her talking, then a male's voice say, "back here."  The photograph was on the end of the table where we were sitting.  No men were present during the visit.

Audio Icon
"Back here"  Audio Icon "Back here" enhanced

Rhonda asked, "do you go back to heaven?" A male spirit responds, "I do."
Audio Icon "I do."

Female spirit says, "I love you."  Then you will hear Rhonda and owner responding because dowsing rods were crossing after owner had asked a question. This was not heard real time.
             Audio Icon " I love you."


Arkansas Historic Hospital

    Arkansas Historic Hospital  Old Hospital  Orb  
Circa 1910

History:   This historic hospital was opened in 1910 and closed in 1973.  In 2006 it was listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and also listed as a Arkansas Historic District.  Today the buildings and grounds are being used as a secure area that provides protection for the clients that reside there.  Only one building is available for investigations and does not interfere with the clients.

Activity:   Shadow people, full bodied apparitions, loud noises, evp's of men, women and children, being touched, doors being slammed shut, these are a few reported activity from employees and paranormal groups.

Evidence:  Rhonda & LaDonna were trying to take a picture of themselves and laughing.  You will hear Rhonda say, "perfect" then the female spirit say, 'this is silly stop."
Audio Icon
  "This is silly stop!"

A loud bang, sounding like a gunshot, happened inside a room with Valerie, Debbie & Cathy.  Towards the end of the recording you will hear Debbie say, "did you get scared?" Valerie replied,
"when you started screaming I did." You will then hear a voice say, "it was me."
Audio Icon "It was me"

Rhonda was using the SB7 (Spirit Box 7) asking for a name, the response was heard real time, he responded with, "Brad."

Audio Icon  "Brad"

Rhonda & Debbie were the only ones in the building, you will hear Rhonda say, "will you please try and talk to us?"  A male voice says, "I'll try."  The SB7 was also used during this evp session.

Audio Icon "I'll try."

Click on picture below to watch YouTube video on evp's captured at the hospital!

April 25th, 2015 Investigation

Old Hospital

May 19th, 2019 Investigation

Click on picture below to watch YouTube video of Cheryl, AGC Medium, using the Legion Paralus cell phone app and interacting with spirit. The general opinion on orbs is you either believe in them or you don't.  I know that most orbs you photograph or video are dust, but if you have a experience the same time an orb appears you have to consider something different is happening.

Arkansas Ghost Catchers


Little Rock Visitor Center at Historic Curran Hall

Curran Hall   Curran Hall
Circa 1842

History:    Walter's-Curran-Bell House (or Curran Hall) was built in 1842-43 and
is one of the oldest residential structures in Little Rock.

Activity: Rocking chair on back porch moving, picture in hallway falling off wall, feeling of being watched and touched, coffee pot turning on, employees locked in shed and bottle in curio cabinet moving.
We have recorded many spirits  at Curran Hall, two have been past owners.

Evidence:  On our first visit to Curran Hall, during an evp session, Rhonda asked several times who was visiting Curran Hall and could they tell us their name.  During this time Linda was dowsing and getting
responses, when the temperature dropped.  Debbie detected a 7 degree difference in the area surrounding Linda. We believe this is the voice of Mary Walters, the original owner of the house. She says, "Mary, that's who I am."

Audio Icon  Mary, that's who I am."

Linda and Debbie at Curran Hall

Averell Tate was the last descendant of the Bell family who lived in the home. Below is an evp of a spirit saying, "Averell."

Audio Icon  "Averell"

On the last visit to Curran Hall Rhonda  and Linda  recorded the following evp's and were the only people present.  The "Woman in Black" Water Video Photograph above was also  taken at this time.

Audio Icon  "Get out of here I'm talking"   Audio Icon  "Alex" Audio Icon "Tommy

"The Bride Wore Black"  Episode - Click Here to Watch

Rhonda Burton, Linda Howell & LaDonna Campbell  were featured on My Ghost Story telling the story of Mary and their experiences at Curran Hall.

Rhonda, LaDonna & Linda at Curran Hall

Below are evp's that were recorded during the taping of the show at Curran Hall.

Audio Icon Allison, please help."  Audio Icon  "let it rest"  Audio Icon  "I'm grievous"


Quapaw Quarter Residences
Circa 1886-1900

Ghost Hunters on SyFy Channel featured both residences in Spring 2013.

History:   Historical homes built between 1886-1900 and now owned by the same family.  In 1891 owner Edward Cornish 's  2 small children died, three years later his wife, newborn son and daughter all died from an illness.  These are the first recorded deaths. Two other women would die in the 70's and in 2004.

Residence #1 - A small table located in dining room would repeatedly vibrate, as if someone was shaking it. Voices being heard. Daughter saw reflection of murdered woman in a spoon as she was looking at it.  The spoon was once owned by the woman she saw.  She also saw the same woman's reflection standing behind her as she was looking in a hall mirror. This woman
was a good friend of the family and was murdered in Residence #2.

Residence #2 - Cold spots, noises, back stairwell very uncomfortable at times. Full bodied apparition seen sitting on the living couch then disappeared.

Evidence:  Residence #1 - Rhonda remarked on antique glove box in the dining room. You will hear an older woman say, "thank you."  These evp's were recorded on 2 separate visits.

Audio Icon
 "thank you" Audio Icon  "angry" Audio Icon "David"

   Residence #2 - These were recorded over a 2 year period and most were recorded using the SB7.

Audio Icon
"Rhonda"  You will hear Rhonda announcing that she is recording, then spirit says, "Rhonda."

Audio Icon  "goodbye" 
 You will hear Rhonda say, "bye-bye," then spirit responds, "goodbye." Also, there's a male spirit speaking at the beginning of the recording.

Audio Icon"whose here?"     Audio Icon"listening"  Rhonda asked if any spirits could hear her, male spirit responds.

Audio Icon  "that was me"   Rhonda says "hi," spirit says "hi" then a male spirit says, "that was me."

Orb and K2 going off

Orb and K-2 going off on mantle, picture taken by Debbie. This one orb was captured all night and only investigators present were Rhonda and Debbie.


MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History
Circa 1840

MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History

   Located in the Historic Tower Building of the Little Rock Arsenal and birthplace of
General Douglas MacArthur.  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Activity:   Woman in white seen on second floor landing of stairwell. Cigar smell in basement, two men in Civil War clothing in basement, servant woman seen carrying basket, music heard in the Aesthetic Room,  a man laying down in the theater, photograph of women in 1800's clothing in elevator and a man seen in the Tower. The Spirit Seekers also captured a photograph of a man on first floor by stairs. Many pictures of orbs taken  on every floor, especially around jeep and main stairwell.

Evidence:   Stephanie & Kimberly were recording in the Tower and kept repeating they were going to leave.
On review,  a man's voice say's "get out."  No men were present during the investigation that night.
Audio Icon  "get out"    Audio Icon  "warn or want you"  Also recorded in the Tower.

*Personal experience of recording equipment being forcefully knocked off the
piano in the Aesthetic Room.* 

Arkansas Ghost Catchers is the proud sponsor of the Arkansas Paranormal Expo which benefits this beautiful, historic location.

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